Mini Terrariums

Mini Terrariums are a wonderful way to bring parts of the natural world indoors.

I have fond memories of creating mini terrariums for 4-H projects when I was younger.  I would use as many natural products as I could find for decorations, and then include some doll or figure that caught my fancy.

Since William is finally at an age that he takes great interest and joy in participating in projects, we will be creating a terrarium from items from our yard this spring.  
Terrariums are very easy to create and it doesn't take a green thumb to make them thrive.  What you grow is all up to you.  If you want to have a little bit of the desert in your home, add cactus and rocks.  If you want the Adirondack woods, take some moss and lichen from your yard and mini ferns.

Maybe you want something a little different, and unusual, then try an algae terrarium.  Bring the aquatic world inside to be enjoyed all year.

All terrariums start off the same, with a clear glass container.  Next the substrate is added, depending on what type of terrarium you are planing on having, this can range from sand, pebbles and potting soil, to rocks.  Then put the plants and objects that are most inspiring to you in your terrarium.

Traditional terrariums are enclosed and create a mini ecosystem all their own.  This is optional.
On my desk in my office, I have a mini terrarium made out of a scientific beaker.  In it I have rocks algae and snails.  At one point I had fairy shrimp as well.

Terrariums bring a sense of wonder and serenity to our busy lives when we are unable to get outside and enjoy nature.

I can't wait to help William create a terrarium for his daddy.  We will fill it with mosses and lichens, as my husband loves them.

Try your hand at creating a terrarium, and enjoy bringing the wonders of nature indoors.

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