Items from nature used in interior decorating

Many aspects of nature can be brought inside and used in interior decorating.  Bringing nature inside is a wonderful way to enjoy parts of the outdoors all year long.   

As the weather outside is still chilly and not conducive to play, William and I decided to add some natural flare to our living room.  We took a glass container that our new fern, pot and all could fit into and added some natural accents.

We  added some stones and shells inside the glass container and pushed the pot into it.  We love the final product.  The stones came from the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, from before William was born, the shells were from some Asian Clams that had been removed from Lake George during an eradication project by my husband.  By using not just natural supplies, but also items that have deep meaning to my family we created more than something pretty.  We created  lasting memories. 


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