Nature in Poetry

Sense And Wonder

As the days lengthen,
the snow pack will melt.
Nutrients will feed the ground.
New life will form,
from frolicking chase.
As birds become majestic acrobats.
Leaves will unfurl.
Sap will run.
Green will blanket the yard.
Once again outdoors we will roam,
enjoying the sense and wonder.

C. Parnapy 2015

Loan red icy shanty on Schroon Lake. 

Vast white desert of ice and snow,
wind blowing with lazy ease.
My eyes behold one touch of mankind,
in the loan red icy shanty. 
Swirls and drifts,
mountains gray in winter harsh embrace.
Solitude, peace, serenity. 

C. Parnapy 2015

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